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Agenda At A Glance

Comparing Strategies For Navigating This Period Of Uncertainty

Plenary Sessions
  • Comparing Multi-Disciplinary Strategies To Respond To The Low Oil Price Across Facilities, Production, Completions & Drilling
  • Oil Price Scenario Planning - Assess How Low Could Oil Go And For How Long?
  • Mitigating The Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On Onshore Oil & Gas Facilities And Keeping The Workforce Safe And Healthy
Opex Cost Cutting Strategies
  • Implementing Opex Cost Cutting Strategies And Pivoting Assets To Use The Least OPEX Possible In The Short Term
  • Benchmark Against Different Creative Strategies For Managing Multiple Vendors To Reduce Opex
Methane Emissions
  • Understand The Timeline, Impact And Scope Of Phase 1 & 2 Methane Emissions Reduction Regulations
  • Strategies On Reducing Emission Levels & Maintaining Profitability Including Retrofitting Facilities With New Technology
  • Assess How The Latest Methane Tracking Tools From The International Energy Agency Can Help Operators Monitor Their Emissions
  • New, Breakthrough Technologies For Tackling Multiple Sources of Methane Emissions - What's Out In The Market? Which Technologies Are Operators Evaluating?
  • How Producers Are Utilizing The EFOY Fuel Cell In Remote Locations To Meet On Site Power Demands While Maintaining A Low Carbon Footprint
  • Learn More About The Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) And Its Impact On Individual Equipment Reporting


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